Monday, May 14, 2012

The Path is Opening Up

I finally found a printer, close to where my 'day job' is, that can work with me to get my display cards for the pendants done.  I picked up the first samples today!

There's good news and bad news.  They look great but a wee bit of tweeking is required.  Take a look....

The Tree of Life pendants are going to look great on these display cards.  The logo, company name and website will have to be moved up slightly, closer to the top.  There is a bit too much 'white space'.  Also, the font size of 'Jasper Moon' and the website need to be larger.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

Take a look at the display card with the pewter pendant on it though....

The card stock the printer selected gets marked up everytime the pewter brushes against it.  I'm not sure if coating the stock will eliminate the problem or not.  I'll have to discuss that with them tomorrow.  We may have to go with a different stock altogether.  And yes, I realize that the holes are too low on the pewter card.  It's a bit of trial and error to get it right.

I'm much closer to getting the job done than I was last week though.  And that makes me very happy.

The ultimate goal is to put them into 3" X 4" reclosable bags that will hang for display.  We do a lot of outdoor events and they need to be protected from the elements.  The cards will also work in retail shops, out of the bag, with a hole punched in the top for hanging.

I'm getting there...slowly but small step at a time.  I'm encouraged by the progress I've made so far.


  1. These will be perfect once you fix the cards for the pewter ones. I really like them in the bags too! Great job :)

  2. you are getting so close with your vision for display. Looking good :)

  3. Bonnie, These are wonderful! I agree with your tweeking ideas. Hopefully coating the cards for the pewter will work.

  4. As a suggestion, figure out where you want the holes beFORE he finishes the print and have him print two little dots in those spots. That will enable you to pop the holes in the right place every time (it's what I do with my cards). Other than that, YAY you! I like 'em!