Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Joy of Bartering

Bartering is system that dates all the way back to 6000 BC, long before money was invented, and has been continually used for centuries since then. You do not need money to barter. 

People exchange goods and services for other goods and services of equal value in return. It's a win-win situation for both parties. Just in the past month alone, I've bartered with my pewter supplier and another vendor too.

Pewter Pendants

My pewter guy needed some supplies to safeguard his products and I have a wholesale account with a company that sells them. I got pewter pendants and cloak clasps. He received an equal value of what he needs to display and protect his products. 

Goddess Pendants

The other vendor fell in love with my goddess pendants and wanted one for herself. I was attracted to a zebra jasper pendant that she had on display at her booth. We both went home happy. *smile*

Here is the pendant that I received in the exchange.



As long as you are exchanging products or services of the same approximate value, everyone goes home with a smile on their face. If you have never considered this form of commerce before, now may be the time.

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