Friday, February 17, 2017

Heart Art Challenge - Week 7

Simplicity is Beautiful
As so often is the case, my initial inspiration for this tag came from a video that I watched on YouTube: Nicoletta Zanella's 'Mixed Media Tag: Simplicity is Beautiful'. And once again, the finished tag that I made only superficially resembles the tag she created in the video. I tend to go off in my own direction though, don't I?

I began by tearing up a couple of old book pages and collaged them onto the tag with Mod Podge. When that had dried (which seemed to take FOREVER), I brought out the turquoise and daffodil yellow craft paint, mixed them with a bit of water and applied it to the tag. You can see that I'm already starting to stray from the one in the video but you expected that. 

I decided to use two small bottle caps and the edge of an old gift card to add some random circles and lines to the tag with black paint. You will notice a couple of OOPS though, blobs and streaks of paint that ended up there by mistake (circled in red). But as Carolyn Dube says in her videos, 'An OOPS is nothing more than an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly'. So, a 'mistake' becomes a 'unique design element'. I like how that lady thinks.

I also used my new fan brush and black paint to add some splatters. I think that I almost have the correct ratio of paint and water to do that the way I want to. I'm sure I will get it right sometime along the way if I keep practicing.

Next comes the focal point, the hearts, because this is a 'heart art challenge' and would not be complete without a heart or two. I was going to cut them from a gelli print that I recently made but the prints were too busy for an already busy background. I ended up using some plain pink cardstock for them.

Before I adhered them to the tag, I brushed on a coat of matte medium to seal it. I'm not terribly happy with the final result but it was fun to make and I guess that is all that really matters. I did try a couple of new techniques and learned a thing or to, so it's all good.

Bea Grob - Week 7
To watch Bea's Week 7 process video, click here. Like me, she seems to be trying new materials and techniques every week. This is going to be an amazing year!


  1. Well done. I know it wasn't what you wanted it to be but I like it a lot.

    1. The good thing about this challenge is that I still have 45 more weeks to make improvements in my style. I should have something right by the end of the year.