Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vendor Profile: Silver Dragon Jewellery

After finishing two years at a trade school where she was the only Anglophone student in a class of 24, Stephenie worked in jewellery production shops, jewellery repair studios and as the technician in a retail environment.  Having worked for 12 years as a jeweller for someone else, she finally went into business for herself last year.  Her company, Silver Dragon Jewellery, is now her full-time job.

She specializes in creating jewellery in the lost wax technique.  The first step is to carve the design in a hard jewellery wax much like carving wood.  The original is then cast in metal, followed by making a mold of the piece using vulcanized rubber from which she makes wax copies to be cast in either silver or bronze. 

One of Stephenie's signature designs that I really love is a Celtic (knot-work) dragon pendant.  The intricate detail on this piece is astounding! 

It's not hard to tell that she loves what she does.  She points to herself as living proof that anyone can make a living from what they are passionate about, even if they do have ADD and are dyslexic!  A disability does not mean you can't do what you want to do, it just makes you more determined to succeed.  Watch for Stephenie and her unique line of jewellery at festivals & events throughout the year, or go to her Etsy shop to see her latest creations.

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