Sunday, April 8, 2012

Torch-Fire Enamelling

The torch-fire enamel technique first came into my radar range with two of the entries to the Tangerine Tango Creative Colour Challenge last month.

Susan Kennedy used vintatge copper filigree beads with orange enamel in her design.

Lynnea Bennett used enamelled pennies and beads that she created as samples for a class in enamelling that she was going to be teaching.

Since then, I've been seeing enamelled beads everywhere.  I even received a few of these enamelled beads in a recent bead swap.  So many people seem to be into this technique.  Why is this the first time I'm hearing about it? 

Swap Beads From Courtney
As I always do when I want to find information about something, I went online to search for it.  On one of my Facebook groups, I learned about Painting With Fire, a forum devoted to torch-fire enamelling.  I immediately joined.

I've ordered a book called 'Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop In Painting With Fire' written by Barbara Lewis, the creator of the Painting With Fire forum.  She also offers eCourses, on-site courses, and there are a ton of tips, tutorials and videos to help the beginner.  She sells starter kits and other supplies too.

Another addition to my 'what I want to learn this year' to do list.  *smile*  The list is getting longer every day.


  1. I actually was able to go to Barbara's workshop in St. Petersburg, Fla. It was a 9 hour drive but soooo worth it. Three of us went together and we had so much fun! Barbara is a wonderful teacher. I will be making some more beads this coming Sunday...will post some pics on my blog. I would definately put this on the top of your list.

    1. Oh, wow, that's some drive! To think I've been in St. Pete a few years ago... when I had no idea who Barbara is :) Maybe on our next trip (although I am quite sure DH won't be happy if I disappear for a day!)

  2. Bonnie, I just bought that book on Sunday! LOVE IT!! Its amazing, I ordered some of the enamel and a few other things to go along with it...and hope to give this a try. I am very excited about trying this out....

  3. I purchased some copper coated iron beads on Ebay (really inexpensive) to practice on. I'm waiting for them to arrive. So all I need to do is order the enamel. I'm looking forward to trying it out.