Sunday, March 24, 2013

Designs Evolve Over Time

I was spending some time organizing the bead stash/hoard in my work room today, when I came across one of the original sets of Goddess prayer beads I made in 2010. 

Looking at them now, I can see how my design and construction methods have changed since then. Even the materials used and the bead sizes are different.

Let's compare...

Goddess Prayer Beads, 2010

In 2010, I was using 8mm Czech glass beads with 10/0 clear spacers. There were 13 white (Maiden), 13 red (Mother) and 13 black (Crone) beads. That number represents the number of full moons in a year. The prayer bead sets were circular with a silver-tone bead hiding the knot. The stringing material I used was C-Lon a nylon cord suggested to me by the nice lady at the bead shop.

Goddess Prayer Beads, 2013

In 2013, I'm using 10mm gemstone beads (white jade, red jasper and black onyx), 13 of each colour as before, with 6/0 clear spacer beads. I'm still using the C-Lon cord to string them. I'm making the prayer beads with a drop of three beads (one in each colour) and pendant from the main circle. The knot is hidden in the metal bead.

Pocket-Size Goddess Prayer Beads, 2013

I'm even making pocket size sets of the Goddess prayer beads now for those who want something smaller to carry with them wherever they go. There are 6 beads in each colour (10mm gemstone beads), with just a pendant drop. The number was arbitrary in this case and chosen strictly because the proportions looked right.

Goddess Prayer Beads, Two Versions

So, our designs do evolve over time. Some of that has to do with skill level but a lot of other factors are involved. Different perspectives, new experiences, acquired knowledge and personal preferences change over time and our art reflects it. 

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