Saturday, March 30, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 13

A friend asked me this week if Sally was purposely trying to make these photo prompts more difficult every week. I'm beginning to think so. I must say that I did get a wee bit of satisfaction last week knowing that she was at a loss for words for her own prompt. *smile*

This week Sally has asked us to 'Have Faith'

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.
                                       ~ Augustine

Faith is used in so many different ways but you can't have faith, keep faith or be faith. Faith is not passive, it's an action word. It's defined as believing or trusting. 

Belief can stand without faith, but faith contains belief. It is an action which continues to happen because we're confident that the belief is true. 

Faith is not merely a mental conviction. Faith, in order to be valid, must act.

Prayer is an act of personal dialogue with the Divine, whether you call that entity Jehovah, Allah, God or even if you have no name. Prayer is the way to renewal and a spiritual life. Prayer brings strength, refreshment and joy. Prayer lifts us up from our isolation to a concious, loving communion with the Divine. Prayer is a spiritual breathing of the soul.

An ancient theologian once said, "When I prayed I was new, but when I stopped praying I became old."


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful reflection and your lovely necklace, Bonnie.

  2. I agree with your friends comment! I'm beginning to dread Sally's weekly prompt email!

  3. Beautiful post, Bonnie. I don't think she purposely tries to make it hard, just she (Sally) purposely tries to make us look inside ourselves harder :) Which is good for us!

  4. "Prayer is a spiritual breathing of the soul." this is so beautiful and I truly believe this. Thanks for sharing such a love post and the photo of your necklace is gorgeous!

  5. LOL! I think she's playing with us, too. At least next week is one I'll have no problem with. : ) Lovely necklace and post.

  6. At least the prompts make us think

  7. I enjoyed reading your post that you shared with us this week. Your words were beautifully expressed.

  8. What a great necklace and an interesting take on faith! I'm enjoying all the different views this week!

  9. I'm a big believer in prayer and it has got me through a lot of life's situations! Beautifully post and gorgeous necklace.

    P.S. I have to laugh, I really don't try to make the prompts difficult but I do try to give food for thought. :) Here everyone thought the self portrait was going to be the hardest photo! LOL