Thursday, April 18, 2013

Selling on Consignment: Ready to Go

Now that the contract is negotiated and signed, it’s time to get your products ready and into the store. Let’s get started!

For each item you need to:
* Create a unique part number
* Take a photo or two
* Write a short, but detailed, description
* Calculate the selling price

Next you will:
* Create an inventory list with all the above information
* Box or package your product appropriately, as agreed
* Make a tag/sticker for each iten with the part number and price on it
* Print two copies of your inventory list

It’s time to schedule an appointment with the shop owner (the person who signed the contract) so you can take your products in. Go over each item with her, referring to the detailed inventory list, checking them off as you go.

Once completed, ask the shop owner to give you a receipt for your product. A signed and dated copy of the inventory list will work. Keep the signed copy for yourself and leave her with the other copy for her records.

What happens now?  See the next installment of this series here.

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