Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Favourite - Owl Pendants

Owls are a very popular jewelry motif. You only have to go to Etsy and search for ‘handmade owl pendants’ to be convinced of that. There are 250 pages of them!

Being the age that I am, I have an affinity with the wise old owl. I’ve been around long enough to have learned a thing or two and I’m more than happy to share the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way. *smile*

I made this owl necklace for myself recently to exemplify that journey. The owl pendant signifies wisdom. The bone beads bring to mind the wisdom of the ancestors as passed onto us. The red seed beads represent the blood spilled along the way and/or the difficult lessons learned. The black cord shows that the road was not always straight or easy to navigate.

I wish that I’d picked up more of those antiqued brass owl pendants when I had the chance because they no longer have them at the bead shop where I purchased this one. A couple of people of have expressed an interest in having a similar necklace for themselves.

This brings me back to Etsy and all those handmade owl pendants for sale. I obviously did not have time to look at every single page but I have picked out a few favourites from what I saw.

This handmade art pendant featuring an owl in a brass bezel is made by Jennifer O'Toole. 

If you are into Steampunk, you have to see this cogs and gears owl pendant made by Ebro H. I love this one.

For something a bit more whimsical, check out this orange owl pendant made by Lisa of 'Pieces of Me Pendants' from a wooden Scrabble© tile.

This is only a few of the owl pendants available. There are so many other artists creating amazing and imaginative designs. If you will excuse me now, I'm going back to check out a few more on Etsy.


  1. Love your necklace. It's gorgeous

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. I actually wear that necklace a lot. I love it too.

  2. I just love the imagery. And that owl is priceless.

  3. Love that one from Jennifer O'Toole!....AND your new background...very cool!

    1. It was time for a change of background, Lori. *smile*

      I thought that using a Scrabble piece as a base for the whimsical owl pendant was very clever too.