Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Successful Asymmetrical Design

The 'bead soup' from my partner in BC is on it's way to me.  I can hardly wait to see what she has sent!  My challenge to myself, with whatever mixture of colours, shape or size of beads I receive, is to create an asymmetrical piece of jewelry.  It will most likely be a necklace but I'm keeping my mind & my options open for now. I reserve the right to change my mind. *smile*

Simple, yet elegant, balance
What constitutes a successful asymmetrical design?  There still needs to be a balance between both sides.  Using similar, yet distinct, elements to create an informal balance.  If your eye is focused on one particular point and does not flow across the whole piece naturally, chances are it's not balanced.

A good way to get started (for uber-symmetrical people like me) is to lay your whole project out on a bead board or mat.  Before you start stringing, change one element on one side.  Take out a bead and replace it with a different kind or size of bead.  Now, do it again and maybe a few more times until what you see in front of you seems 'right'.

Wish me luck.  It won't be an easy task for me.


  1. No luck is needed, Bonnie, you will do a beautiful job, I am certain.

    I am in the mood lately to get moving on doing something different than I have been lately. (Doing anything would be a change right there!) I think this is just the thing to break out of the impending February doldrums. Maybe by doing something different every February, I can reroute the negative energies into neat positive ones!
    Thanks for more inspiration. I am so grateful for your blogposts.

    the Other Bonnie

  2. Be sure to share your 'something different' with me when you decide what it is. Planning something fun for February sounds like a great plan!

    Then you can do something marvelous for March, adventurous for April, magical for May, jazzy for June....and so on and so on.


  3. You have a very attractive blog and I love your jewelry design style!

    Looking forward to seeing your bead soup creation!