Monday, March 19, 2012

The Value of a Sketchbook

I had this small scrap of paper in my wallet for ages.  You could tell how long it had been there by how crumpled and worn it looked.  I'd hastily scribbled some design ideas on it that I gleened when I was at a trade show 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. 

Every time I cleaned out my wallet of old receipts, business cards & expired coupons, I always tucked that scrap back in with my debit card.  I knew well enough not to throw it out 'cause I'd want it 'some day'.  This past Saturday was that day.

When planning the piece I'm making for my Tangerine Tango creative colour challenge, I knew that one of those designs was 'the one' I wanted to use.  At first though, that small scrap of paper eluded me.  I could not find it in the 'nice safe place' that I'd left it.  Suddenly,  I had a sinking feeling that I may have thrown it out in error!  'Please tell me that I'm not that stupid,' I said to myself.

I finally gave up looking for it.  I was only getting more frustrated and upset with myself but still was not finding it.  As often happens when I'm looking for something, as soon as I stop looking for it, it miraculously appears...typically right where I thought it should be in the first place.  At least I found it, right? 

Which brings me (finally) to the topic of this blog post....the value of a sketchbook.  I now see why it's a good idea to carry a small one with me wherever I go.  A sketchbook would not accidentally get thrown out or inadvertently get lost.  A sketchbook would keep design ideas or colour combinations I see or think of all in one place, easily accessible for future use.  A sketchbook would eliminate undue stress down the road.

I went to the store and purchased one tonight...a small one with a hard cover to protect the pages and one that will fit in my purse.  The drawings from that little scrap of paper are now on the first page.  I won't lose them again.  *smile*

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  1. I love my sketchbook! I sketch in it sometimes late at night when it is not a very good idea to actually get my supplies out and work on them. it has supplied me with inspiration whenever I am out of ideas. It provides some nostalgia and memories of the days I made entries in it.

    I love my sketchbook :)