Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Learning Process: Asymmetrical Design

I recently created my first asymmetrical piece of jewelry for the bead soup blog party.  I wore the necklace when I went out on Saturday evening, and by doing so, discovered a few things about asymmetrical design that I would not have learned by just looking at it on the mannequin.

The outside strand kept flipping over the inside strand, as in the photo below....

After a while, the chain slid from it's uneven perch and ended up like this....

So what did I learn?  How will I modify it next time?

1. Weight distribution needs to be more even, not top or bottom heavy.
2. Heavier beads, if there are any, should be closer to the bottom.
3. More consistent bead size/weight might be the better option.
4. Even chain length, not longer on one side of the clasp than the other.
5. Overall shorter necklace length, so it doesn't sway so much when moving about.
6. Better connection of beads to jump ring, learn to use crimp beads properly.

I do plan to make more pieces in a similar styling, taking all the valuable lessons I've learned with me.  I can hardly wait to get started on the next one!


  1. Sometimes, learning by doing is the only way. Good luck (and keep sharing with the rest of us!) :D

  2. Bonnie, you are so awesome to share these "little details". I made a promise to myself this year to check out as many Canadian blogs as I could where jewelry making is discussed. It was fabulous to see Elaine's


    Blog Soup participant list where the Canadians were flagged (as well as the girls from Oz, whom I also adore!) I am 100% in agreement with the previous comment. At my "mature" stage of life, I am finally realizing that everything I make does NOT have to be perfect (in my eyes) before it is fit to share with others. Congrats to you for bravely sharing (and I think your necklace is lovely!)