Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mode Accessories Show in Toronto

We went to The Mode Accessories Show today.  It’s a trade show where retailers can source fashion accessories from wholesalers and importers.  The show is not open to the general public.  All attendees must be registered and verified with business identification.

Products exhibited range from handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, watches, apparel and much more.  We go to this show twice a year specifically to buy silver rings and pendants.  The show is huge and there is so much to see!  It’s easy to get distracted from our main objective.  The buyer for a large retail store could spend all three days of the show perusing the various booths and selecting some amazing, unique items for their shops.

One of the most interesting items we came across were bracelets made from antique silver forks, spoons and butter knives adorned with glass beads and wire.  See photo below….

Booth sizes ranged from 20’ X 30’ to 2’ X 3’….seriously, there was one lady displaying her one-of-a-kind jewelry in a little corner flanked by two doors that was no bigger than 2’ X 3’. It was such a high traffic area that her products could be seen coming and going between rooms. Some of her designs incorporated beautiful lampwork beads made by local artists….a girl after my own heart. Her prices were quite reasonable too. I hope she does well there.

I went to the show to purchase sterling silver Tree of Life and pentacle pendants. I’m all stocked now for the upcoming vending season. As soon as my camera battery is recharged, I’ll take photos to share here.

I’m telling you, if my budget was unlimited, I could have done a lot of damage at this show!

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