Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What To Sell

How do you, as a vendor, know what will sell?  The answer, if you are being honest with yourself is, 'I have absolutely no idea'.  LOL  On the best of days, it's a crap shoot.  People are funny.  You never know what will appeal to them.

Products that I thought would be wildly popular have been sitting in my inventory for two years with no movement to speak of.  Items that I was unsure about, even skeptical, sell like hotcakes.  Who knew? Obviously, not me.

So, how does one go about choosing which products to sell at events?  My strategy is to stick with a few basic lines, products that are at least consistently turning over, if not big sellers.  Then, I keep addings new products & designs as they become available.

By doing that, you keep customers' interest because if they don't expect to see anything new, why would they bother to stop by your booth and look again?  They already know what you carry and have either purchased it previously or simply don't want what you have to offer.

There are customers who, for whatever reason, did not purchase the first time but do come back the next time they see you at an event because 'they regretted not getting it before'.  Or they bring back their friend to get one too because they like theirs so much.  Word of mouth is a wonderful way to advertise.

You end up with three different streams of customers...

1. Those coming back to purchase a product they know you carry.
2.  Those who are looking for something new & different knowing that you always have something in that category.
3.  Those that are totally new to you and have never seen you or your stuff before.

You need to cater to all three types.  Maintain a high level of customer service.  Happy customers not only come back time and again, but will tell their friends to check you out too.  Be open & inviting as people browse through your booth or even just casually pass by.  Smile.  Offer information & stories relevant to the products you offer.

But most of all....keep it fresh, new & exciting.

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