Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prayer Beads Are For Everyone

When I first resurrected 'Jasper Moon' from its previous incarnation, my goal was to bring prayer beads to matter what tradition they followed.  I was inspired by the difference a simple set of meditation beads made in my own experience & spiritual life. 

Who knew that I would run into such opposition?  The very mention of prayer beads, however, brought forth scores of negative images of the Catholic rosary & church to most people's minds.  They immediately shut down and stopped listening.  I could not break through the prejudice.

What most don't seem willing or able to understand & acknowledge is that prayer beads were around long before the Christian church was established.  Various traditions in India have been using them to count prayers & meditate since 1000 BC.  The Buddhists adopted the practice from there and spread the use of prayer beads to China, Tibet and Japan.  As the monks wandered to other lands, they introduced them to the Muslims & Christians.

Tree of Life Prayer Beads - Exclusive Design of Jasper Moon

I began by offering workshops at pagan events to introduce the concept of designing & using personalized prayer beads to reflect individual belief systems.  I only had modest success with that venture.  Discouraged, I set aside my idealized vision, and moved to making & selling other products that people could & would use and relate cloak clasps & Tree of Life pendants.

The flame of my desire to spread the concept of using prayer beads has never left me though.  In the next few weeks, I plan to share information & ideas with you that will help you understand & embrace them.  I hope you will open your hearts & minds to them.

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