Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Craft Show

I attended a fabulous craft show on the weekend.  It was well organized & executed, professionally staged & advertised.  I spent two days there selling my wares.  Well, I was 'showing' them anyway.  Sales were less than stellar for the second year in a row.  Unfortunately, I had to tell them I will not be back next year.  That makes me sad because I'd really like to do the show again.  It's a nice change from the outdoor events I vend at in late spring, summer & early autumn.  I can't keep losing money on it though, that just doesn't make economic sense. 

I made plenty of changes this year by increasing my product offering and upgrading my presentation. Looking at the photos now, I can see where improvements can still be made. 

Leg risers were added to the tables to lift them six inches higher off the ground making it easier fo customers to look at things without having to bend over but I really need to have longer tablecloths that will hide the bins & boxes underneath.

The character hats made by my friend really pulled the customers in.  That's why I placed them front & centre like that in the first place.  Once people stopped, most at least walked in & looked at the rest of my offerings.

Nice display boxes brought the whole presentation up a notch or two also.  Having products at different heights kept the eyes flowing across the table.

I know that I still have a lot of work to do if I ever hope to break into the indoor craft market in a big way.  I'm open for suggestions.  Please comment if you have any.

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