Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Upcoming Event: St. Valentine's Day Massacre III - Love Never Dies

This annual SCA event is taking place in Barrie this weekend, February 10 - 12, 2012.  Yes, folks....we're going camping this weekend!  So you don't think I'm totally insane, we're pitching our tent inside a warehouse, not outside in the elements.  

There will be fighting and feasting and lots of comraderie.  We will be in the merchant area, all decked out in our medieval garb, selling our wares to the good people of Ealdormere.  I'll be showing two new cloak clasp designs for the first time, along with all the latest pewter pendants.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre II - February, 2011
 It's going to be a great weekend, lots of fun.  For more information on this event you can check out the website.

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