Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stepping It Up A Level

Selling at shows is a lot of hard work and simply is not netting the income I had hoped for.  And it seems to be getting more difficult each year to make a profit at them.  Yes, we do enjoy the events, meeting interesting people, getting our name & products 'out there', learning new things, etc.  But geepers, I'd like to get a wee bit ahead of the expenses...products & materials, our time, entry fees, insurance, gasoline, advertising, plus more.  That sounds like a reasonable expectation, doesn't it? 

I think it's time to step up the game a little and move up the food chain to the next level.  What exactly does that next level look like and how do I get there?  As you can imagine (if you know me at all), I've put a lot of thought into this very question.

Where is the money to be made anyway?  There are a couple of avenues the immediately come to mind....selling wholesale to shops and online selling. 

First, I need to identify my core products.  That's easy!  There are two items that sell at most of the shows we handmade Tree of Life pendants and the pewter cloak clasps.  So they are obvious choices to promote with wholesale pricing to shops.  I think I'd like to showcase the pewter pendants also.

Next, I have to consider packaging options for my products.  There needs to be consistency across the board to establish the 'brand'.  Right now, I don't really have you can see below.

My current packaging and displays are a mish mash of experimental techniques that 'work' at the events we have been going to.  I think you'll agree though, that they won't work in a retail environment as effectively.

Time to come up with a new strategy.  I've taken some positive steps forward this week towards standardizing the packaging for my products.  Stay tuned to see what I've come up with.

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  1. Sounds good to me - even if you don't go the wholesale / shop route, having a unified process and packaging will work better. Good luck!