Saturday, August 17, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 33

"What's in season where you live?"

All one has to do in my area to see what is in season is to go to the local farmer's markets. They are full of fresh produce locally grown: freshly picked Ontario peaches and sweet corn being among my favourites.

And the beginning of apple picking season is upon us also. I remember taking my boys to the orchard every year when they were younger. They enjoyed the wagon ride more than the apple picking but it was still a fun-filled day for them and those times are special memories now.

In my front garden, it is clear to me this week that it is 'Black Eyed Susan' season. The plethora of bright yellow blooms are exploding in front of my eyes. The patch keeps expanding every year too.

To see what is in season where the other participants are, check out the links below. I, personally can't wait until the fresh Empire apples reach the markets. They are the ones I like the most!

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