Saturday, September 14, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 37

Get moving and a grooving this week!
Stretch those creative muscles
and capture things in motion.

Right now, me and my car are in motion heading out of town for a vending event this weekend. This is a busy month for us. We have several shows coming up in quick succession.

NOTE: Technically, I was not ' in motion' when I took this photo.

I love this little car. It is what makes it possible for me to do pretty much everything. I couldn't go far from home without it. I take good care of it. I make sure it gets regular oil changes and maintenance.

Oh, there is something else in motion this! I started physiotherapy this week, so I have a series of exercises to do twice a day to help strengthen my lower back and hopefully reduce the amount of pain I'm in. Here's one of the exercises my therapist gave me to do. There was no way to take a photo of myself doing it.

I must admit that I am noticing a bit of a difference already which encourages me to continue with the regimen. Eventually, we will start on building up the muscles around the bad knee so that when the knee replacement is done, recovery chances are much higher.

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  1. Good luck with the show, and the therapy! We do need to keep moving!

  2. Great choice for in motion. Glad you are finding the physiotherapy helpful. My hubby was religious about doing his post knee surgery exercises and swears that made all the difference!

  3. It seems funny to love a car, but that's how I feel about my own car. Best of luck with your show and also the knee replacement. Hoping for a swift recovery!

  4. I have bad knees and back. Might have to check out these "moves" Anything to help me stay in "motion" Thanks for the great post and good luck with your surgery!

  5. Good luck with the therapy. I hope it brings you the relief needed. :)