Monday, December 30, 2013

Grow Your Blog, 2014

This year I will be participating in the "GROW YOUR BLOG" event that is designed to bring more readers and followers to your blog. Our hostess is Vicki Boster whose blog is called 2 Bags Full.

This is the second year she has been organizing/co-ordinating this event. Those who took part last time all rave about how their readership increased as a result.

You can find out all the details on the official sign up page. The post is long but please make sure you read it all. You must leave a comment, with the requested information, on this post if you want to be included in this event.

Deadline to sign up is January 15th. Go here to register. No latecomers will be accepted, so don't delay.

To see a complete list of last years' participants, click here.

This sounds like an excellent (and free) way to boost your number of followers. My readership has remained the same for quite some time, no matter what I've tried to promote my blog. Hopefully, this event will get me over the hump. *smile*

Looking forward to checking out some new blogs and meeting new people on January 25th. See you then!

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