Saturday, June 7, 2014

Focus on Life: Week 23

Week 23: Let's Get Silly
This month, we are finding the fun
in photography. For the first week,
catch someone being silly!

We've all had a BAD HAIR DAY, right?. My silly photo this week turns out to be a silly 'selfie'. Actually, it might be more scary, than silly. I'll let you be the judge.

I had a bit of fun altering the photo too.

To see the silly photos of the other participants, check out the links below...


  1. Love the cartoonish feeling of the altered version!

  2. You are not alone with your hair style. Every morning I look like I slept on my head, spinning around and around. I marvel at people who don't have to wash their hair every day. I have to just to be able to leave my house without people staring and pointing!

  3. What great creativity for this week! I love the edited photo and can't help but smile!

  4. Bonnie!!! Love it!! Perfect silly photos!! I love the processing you used on the photo!!!

  5. Well I don't know anyone that hasn't had a bad hair day. I love the cartoonish photo!

  6. My every day ends up being bad hair days

  7. Hahaha!! Awesome post for this week's prompt! I do like the effects in that second photo - that's pretty cool.