Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Interesting Business Model

I get tired of having to schedule an appointment to do my laundry in my own home when it is convenient for everyone else. There are so many people living in the house with such varied work and sleep schedules, it’s a challenge to co-ordinate it all some days. But darn it all, I want to do my laundry when I want to do my laundry! Is that too much to ask?

It's not worth all the stress it causes me. Sometimes it’s just easier to throw the clothes bin in the car and go to the laundromat. While there one evening, I was chatting with a man who was also there doing laundry. He began to tell me about his company, and I was very intrigued and impressed with the unique business model.

His company is operated from his home so overhead is low. He runs a mobile dry cleaning/laundry business. Basically, he will pick up your clothes, bedding, etc. at your home or office and bring it back to you freshly laundered or dry cleaned in 2-3 days.

He has a wholesale agreement with a local dry cleaner so gets discounted pricing from them. He drops items off almost daily and picks up the clean ones at the same time. He also has a contract with a local seamstress who does any repairs or alterations for him. Some of the stuff he takes to the laundromat himself to wash and dry.

The clientele are quite varied from seniors who cannot easily get out to the cleaners, to people with busy schedules and men whose wives have no idea how to properly iron a shirt. Once he has a customer in a seniors’ building or complex, he goes to the management office to gain their support in offering the service to all the residents.

I think that the business model is brilliant! He is offering a much needed service to a niche market that has kept him successful for 18 years. Good job!

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  1. I'd like to do the laundry anytime I like too, but the way Ontario's Hydro One is set up to charge according to time of use, I feel that this chore has been shunted into the after 7pm or else it's a weekend job. After 7 I'm usually too tired, and weekends I'm often busy. Bummer! Give me back the good old days when my bill wasn't affected by when I did the laundry or baked cookies.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy your laundry outing, and even get a blog out of it.