Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time to Clean Up

When my eldest son, one of the most 'casual' housekeepers that I know, tells me that my office/craft room is messy and needs to be cleaned up...I know it's time.

'Someone Else' aka Me
Seriously, I'm not sure how long the dirty dishes would remain on the coffee table if 'Someone Else' didn't take them to the kitchen. And then they'd sit on the counter for who knows how long after that if 'Someone Else' didn't wash, dry and put them in the cupboard.

And the dirty laundry rarely hits the hamper unless 'Someone Else' puts it there. But I digress, let's get back to the job at hand...trying to clean up my office/craft room.

I managed to get through some of it last night. I shredded a whole bag of scrap paper and filed a mound of paid bills, bank statements and other stuff in my filing cabinet. Not a bad start but still a long way to go. I've let it slide far too long.

There are a few ATC swaps that I want to sign up for but I need to have a place to work/create. The chaos is cluttering my head and my creative energy is stymied by the disorganization.

Ideally, I'd like to have a craft room like this...

...but it is currently more like this.

Okay, I admit it's not quite that bad. I can see it getting that way if I don't tackle it now though. Here's hoping that I can find the bottom of the piles this weekend, so there is still time to sign up for the swaps.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, mine truly is that bad. Mostly because I'm too busy being the "Someone Else" all over the rest of the house. I need a "Someone Else" just for the craft room!

    1. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have 'Someone Else' to organize the craft room for us? I hear you about being too busy chasing after 'Everyone Else' to do your own thing.

  2. Oh, I know the feeling of the overwhelming piles. I'm glad to hear you're getting through it somewhat and wish you all the best in accomplishing the clean!!