Sunday, August 19, 2018

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The best laid plans often go off the tracks, don't they? I purposely stayed up until midnight last night to get all of the 31 ATCs that I made for a mega swap scanned and processed. My plan was to put them on a USB key and take them to one of the photo printing kiosks at Walmart this morning to get wallet size prints of them all.

For starters, three of the four kiosks were out of order. So, I loaded all the files onto the one remaining station. But their kiosks will no longer print wallet size photos, which is what I wanted for my October Daily. I was NOT amused!

Time to formulate a new plan. When I came home, I booted up the computer. I inserted and re-sized all thirty-one files into a Word document. My next step was to go to Staples Print Services online, load up the file, select the options I wanted and send to be printed. 

I think it 'should' be ready for me to pick up before the end of the day but the way my luck is going so far, I'm not counting on it. I will call later to enquire. The silver lining in this whole thing is that doing it through Staples is going to be much more cost effective. So in the end, I won, right?

The pages for my October Daily did get cut out yesterday as planned and the holes have been punched in them. I think that I will have to incorporate some marigold coloured diecuts on each page or the clash of colour between the pages and the planner binder will be too dramatic. Perhaps I will punch out marigold reinforcements for all of the holes also. That might work. What do you think?

In retrospect, perhaps the darker, more monochromatic Moonlit Manor paper collection might have worked better with this planner binder. I obviously had not thought that far ahead. No problem, I will find a way to make it good. It can be whatever I want it to be.


  1. My first thought it that marigold and tangerine go so nicely together.. but then I realized that's Fiesta talk!

    It's sad that your time was wasted at Walmart but good you ended up with a lower cost at Staples. More money for craft suppies :)

    1. Unfortunately, lower cost means lower quality so I am still searching for a place to print wallet size photos.

  2. I know what you mean about two steps forward and two steps back. That is Murphy's law for you...well Murphy can take a hike as he is not welcome here, there or anywhere! You now have me wanting to do the October else is new? Specifically because it will be a lovely way to display the HH swap. I love the colour you chose for yours. I also love the binder you got, just wondering where you got yours? I am looking forward to this challenge with you.

    1. I was thinking the same thing...great way to showcase our Halloween Howl ATC swap! Both the ones we receive and the ones we sent. The binder is a planner I got from Peachy Cheap last year. My planning aspirations for this year got side tracked in January. It has been challenging to get my mojo back.