Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bird's Nest Pendants

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and designs.  During a recent web surfing journey, I came across a site that proudly announces on their homepage that it is 'a community & tutorial marketplace for jewelry makers'.  They have tutorials, articles of interest, a discussion forum, an extensive gallery of artisan's work and jewelry making tips.

One of the many things that caught my eye was a tutorial for a bird's nest pendant.  The lady that posted the tutorial is a photographer and graphic artist who has a small seaside studio in Victoria, Australia.  She claims that making jewelry keeps her sane and creating tutorials to share with others is a lot of fun.

I purchased her tutorial and was very impressed with the quality of the photos and the clear, concise instructions.  If I had never made any jewelry before...was a complete beginner...I would have been able to follow along and complete the project.  See the results of my first attempt below....

I will definitely be making more of these and offering them for sale at events this year for $10 each, including the adjustable waxed cotton cord making them 'ready to wear'.  This one is made with coated copper wire and glass pearls.  I'm already pondering on whether or not I should make some with sterling silver wire and real freshwater pearls.  Of course, I would have to charge significantly more for those.  I think they would look very elegant though, don't you?


  1. Amazing!! I've bookmarked the site and downloaded a couple of free tutorials to get me started!

  2. For those of you who have asked, the site where I purchased the tutorial is....