Monday, February 7, 2011

Never Be Afraid To Ask

You should never be afraid to ask...for help, advice, information, whatever.  It could lead you down a new path, enhance your life and/or make you smile.  As long as the question is appropriate to the situation and not offensive to the person you are asking.....go for it!

Case in point....when I was in Shoppers Drug Mart after the holidays, I saw something that caught my eye in the clearance aisle.  There was a small metal display stand holding 4 or 5 children's Xmas bracelets.  I thought to myself, 'I could use something like that at vending events.'

Rather than leaving the matter in the realm of thought, I asked one of the employees if I could speak to the manager.  When he came over, I enquired about the fate of the stand once all the bracelets were gone.  Were they going to throw it out?  Yes, indeed, they were planning to toss it into the garbage bin.  The manager of the store graciously asked me if I would like to have it.

I explained to him that I make and sell jewelry at craft shows, and how such a display stand would be very helpful to me.  He immediately took the few remaining bracelets off and put them in a clearance bin, then walked over to the cashier to tell her that he was giving me the stand.  How fantasic is that? 

Now, if I'd been afraid to ask the question, I would not now have this fabulous piece to display my bags of beads on!  Free of charge!  There's even a groove on top to hold a sign on.

Previously, the bags of beads were heaped into a basket and customers really had to root through to see everything, or 'anything' for that matter.  You must admit that this fabulous display stand is a better option....I may start selling more beads now because people can actually see them.  That would be good.  *smile*


  1. That is a GREAT stand!
    You are so right... take the risk and just go for it when the moment is appropriate! You can't lose by asking. You can lose if you don't ask!

  2. I did go to a couple other Shoppers Drug Mart stores in town after I got that one, but alas, they had already disposed of them. I will certainly keep watching for other opportunities like that though.