Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pantone Spring 2011 Colour Trends

Pantone, a famous name to printers, artists, and designers, is a company that creates standard colour formulas for ink, paint, dye, etc.  Since colour is such a subjective thing, it was necessary to create one benchmark to go by.  That way, when you tell the printer you want red, you can pick the specific swatch that corresponds with a formula to mix the ink.

Outside of the printing world, Pantone releases a semi-annual colour chart predicting which hues will be popular in women's fashion for the upcoming season, driven mainly by New York fashion designers.  This is important to jewelry makers since we'd like to create harmonious pieces to go with what women will be wearing, right?
Every person likes something different because of their brain chemistry.  Their perception of any colour is essentially a chemical reaction between the eye and the brain, with perhaps some life experience thrown in the mix.  Suffice it to say, that colour is deeply personal and highly individualized.  No two people will discern, react or experience colour in the same way.

Artists and fashion/jewelry designers can create harmony, calm, energy, excitement, or any other feeling through their prudent use of colour. By learning all you can about colour, you'll be able to predict how people might feel when they see your work.

Here are the Spring 2011 colour trends, according to Pantone and New York fashion designers…

From left to right, starting with the top row....Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120), Coral Rose (Pantone 16-1349), Peapod (Pantone 14-6324), Beeswax (Pantone 14-0941), Silver Peony (Pantone 12-1206), Russet (Pantone 18-1235), Regatta (Pantone 18-4039), Blue Curacao (Pantone 15-4825), Lavender (Pantone 15-3814), and Silver Cloud (Pantone 15-4502).

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  1. I LOVE THIS! Pantone colors are all so fabulous and Russet is a prime example! We love it so much that we made it our color of the week and put together a fabulous outfit on our blog to show how to dress wearing Pantone's Russet using a triaidc color palette. You can take a look at it here and tell us what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut