Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selling Your Creations Online

A great photograph of your creation will attract the attention of a potential buyer and your description of it must grab & keep their interest, hopefully, to the completion of a purchase.  Since they cannot touch or feel what you are offering, you have to make it come alive for them.  They have to be able to visualize it displayed their home or wearing it on their body.

How do you do that?  First, you can tell them what inspired you to create the piece.  It reveals to the buyer that your work is an expression of your experience and a labour of love.  Share a bit about yourself, become a real person, a friend to them.  Help them understand what is so special about your creation.

Provide jazzy descriptions of the colours & materials used to help make your item pop off the screen.  If the buyer can imagine how it will look 'in person', you are one step closer to selling it to them.  Get them excited at the prospect of owning it.  Be sure to provide accurate dimensions, size or shape.  The buyer who recieves what they are expecting is more likely to purchase again and recommend your work to others.  Happy customers are your best advertisers.

And please, please, please....double check for spelling, grammar & punctuation errors.  Bad writing style & form might communicate to your potential buyers that you don't take pride in your work.  Any good word processing program can help you check for errors.  And don't forget, a (good) picture is worth a thousand words.  Good luck and happy selling!

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