Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Story Can Sell a Product

You have an item you want to sell, let's say it's a necklace.  A necklace is a necklace.  It doesn't matter how long it took you to make it, it's just a necklace.  You think it's a nice necklace.  Something unique.  It may include some 'special' beads, maybe hand-made lampwork or semi-precious gemstone beads.  Perhaps you did some fancy wirework technique you learned at a recent workshop.  It's still just a necklace, something you can describe in words.

Sophisticated buyers don't want a 'necklace'.  They can get those at any discount store or flea market.  What they want is a unique, hand-made necklace but more than that, they want the story behind it.  They want to be able to tell people that it's a one-of-a-kind necklace, plus a lot more.  Was it made out of antique bits & bobbles and where did you find them?  Where did you learn how to do that?  What is the symbolic meaning of the gemstones you used?  Tell them a little about the glass bead maker or how lampwork beads are made.

It's true, you can describe your necklace in bland terms and people may still buy it. However, you are limiting yourself to a narrow market, as well as, limiting how much you can sell your necklace for.  You want to sell conversation pieces, something your buyer can talk about to their friends.  Add 'value' to your piece by telling an engaging tale about it.  Garner interest in your work through people who have purchased your necklace and share the story with others.  They can be your best advertisers!

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