Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jasper Moon Prayer Beads

My new Facebook page for Jasper Moon Prayer Beads has 52 'Likes'. Not bad for only being up since January 13th. I'm constantly trying to promote the page and get the number of followers higher. I sent out a bunch of personal requests this evening to people on my Friend List.

Jasper Moon Prayer Beads

Last night, I received a note from a lady in the Ottawa area who makes and sells chain mail jewelry. She has over 1400 'Likes' on her business page! 

Linkit's Chainmail and Accessories

When she hits 1500 followers, she plans to host a Fan Giveaway and has opened it up to a few select vendors like me. She wants to help others promote their pages too.

Here's how it will work. Each vendor offers up a couple of items for the giveaway. There will be individual draws for each item. To qualify to win, participants will have to leave a comment about the photo of the item AND they will have to 'Like' her page, plus the vendors' page also.

What a great idea! Hopefully, that will generate more traffic to my page. The more exposure, the more sales, right? It really is a numbers game and I totally understand that.

I remember when I was doing telemarketing, for every 10 calls you make, you 'might' get one positive response. The more calls you could squeeze into an 8 hour shift, the better you did. And it could be the LAST 10 calls out of 100 you make that will garner a 'hit'.

Naturally, I signed up to participate as a vendor. I made a couple of special pocket-size prayer bead sets to offer in the giveaway. All I have to do was send her photos of the two items and then advertise the event on all my social media networks at the appropriate time.

See photos of the two items that I made especially for this event...

Pocket-Size Goddess Prayer Beads
Celebrate the Sacred Feminine

Pocket-Size Tree of Life Prayer Beads
Celebrate the Seasons

As soon as the event dates are announced, I will let you all know. I think the whole concept is quite ingenious and perhaps worthy of looking into further if this one is successful.

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  1. What a great idea!!! Hope it works great for you!!!