Monday, January 14, 2013

Promoting a Product

Your ultimate goal is to sell products. You need multiple strategies to promote that product or service, utilizing all forms of social media, on top of your website or online shop and the shows & events you attend.

Your marketing needs to be very specific. For example, having a Facebook business page called Acme Ltd. will most likely not get you the traffic you are looking for.  Using your name will not be successful either, except among your friends & family, and they will want a discount because they ‘know’ you. However, a page called Acme Toothbrushes will come up in any search for ‘toothbrushes’ getting you more hits, and hopefully, more sales.

Posting links to your new shop listings or website updates on Twitter and Facebook is another way to get your products out there. Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular and having an album or two specifically dedicated to your products will gain you more exposure as well.  Once again, be specific with your album titles.

Provide relevant content to your posts & pages, not just links to your listings. Going back to Acme Toothbrushes, write an article or share one someone else has written (with permission & giving credit) on how to properly brush your teeth or comparing toothpaste brands.

Asking your social network to help spread the word is an excellent strategy too. Remember that old commercial where two friends, tell two friends, who in turn tell two friends? That can expand into something really BIG, really fast.

My goal this week is to develop an integrated strategy, using all the above online forums, to promote one aspect of my business, Prayer Beads.  I have a new Facebook business page (JasperMoon Prayer Beads) and you can follow me on Twitter (@jasper_moon). Tweets will not be restricted to prayer beads but certainly anything new I create or interesting facts I find will be shared.

I still seem to be having issues with my Pinterest board that I will try to sort out as quickly as possible.  I uploaded a photo earlier but now it is gone. *big sigh* Another learning curve. Thank goodness you can teach this old dog, new tricks. *smile*

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