Saturday, December 14, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 50

Red is such a striking colour.
Pops of red grab your attention and
add interest to a photo.

This week, focus on your surroundings and keep
an eye out for pops of red.

At this time of year, both red and green deck our halls to herald in the holiday season. Even the dolls in my house have pulled out their Christmas outfits, and apparently while I was at work, were making gingerbread cookies in my kitchen. *smile*

I'm just glad they cleaned up the mess before I got home. To see more red, check out the links below...


  1. How cool are these? And yes, they have the perfect pops of red! Their blender is awesome!!

  2. What a cute mixer! The full size one would look great in my kitchen!

  3. Oh those crafty dolls! Love the little red mixer. So cute!

  4. How cute. Love the little vignette you created with your dolls.

  5. How thoughtful of your dolls....Love the little red mixer....Great post!

  6. Two of my dolls have red Christmas dresses too.