Sunday, May 8, 2011

Book Review: A String of Expression

The full title of this book by June Roman is 'A String of Expression: Techniques For Transforming Art and Life Into Jewelry'.  June gets ideas and inspiration for her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from the pages of her own art journals.  Her pieces are beautifully textured and layered incorporating several techniques and materials.

In this book, you’ll learn creative new techniques such as:

• working collage into a pendant
• knotting beads with leather
• creating your own toggles from unusual beads
• developing successful asymmetrical design
• wire-wrapping
• making your own bead caps and more

The author shares how she draws inspiration from her own journal pages and guides you through the process for making your own wearable works of art that are an expression of your passions, dreams and secrets.  She formulates a visual map of each piece on paper before she begins making it.  She writes down the images, word combinations, colours & textures, beads & mixed-media materials, as well as, her feelings & thought processes for the project.

The challenge now is to take your design skills on an unexpected journey and let A String of Expression inspire you to transcribe your life into jewelry today!


  1. Thank you for this review! It inspires me to get a hold of that book and create. Since I have been rather bereft of creativity lately, I am grateful.

  2. what Fairs are you doing this year?
    We are doing The Great Northern Medieval Faire, Country Renn. Faire, Robin in the Hood, Faery Fest, Pirate Fest and probably Royal Medieval and Pagan Harvest fest in Hamilton

  3. We are going to a number of SCA events. Also, Robin in the Hood, Wiccan Fest, Kaleidoscope Gathering, Royal Medieval Faire, Harvest Fest and Hamilton PPD (if we are accepted). We always do the Fergus Scottish Festival too.