Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Creative Process: Knotted Leather Doughnut With Charms

Walk along with me as I wind my way through the creative process as laid out in June Roman's book, 'A String of Expression' that I reviewed on my blog this week.  First let me show you the finished piece that she created with the inspiration of one of her art journal pages.  It is my desire to create a similar piece.

Here is the artwork that I am using as inspiration for my project...Autumn Goddess.

What are the images, words, colours, textures, mixed-media materials, emotions & thoughts that this photo invokes?  And how can I then incorporate them into a unique, one-of-a-kind focal pendant in the same style as the knotted leather doughnut with charms above?

Several things come immediately to my mind....

Colours: orange, yellow, red, brown

Mixed-media Materials: leaves, dark brown wood beads, round orange buttons (as seen on her right wrist), strings of tiny gold beads, orange flower (possibly another button), brass rings (like her earrings & bracelets), yellow ribbon, and carnelian beads & doughnut.

I will start gathering everything together over the next few days, as I continue to gaze at the picture to see if there are any other elements, feelings, words or textures that present themselves to me.  Please feel free to add your own impressions by way of comment.  Share the journey with me.

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