Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adventure in Chain Mail

My first chain mail project is a work in progress. I'm flying by the seat of my pants with this one, deciding a course of action as I go along, using my own initiative & perceptions rather that a pre-determined plan.

I'm using 1/4" brass rings made for me by my favourite Chain Mail Guy.  The pattern for the base chain is a modified mobius.  My initial thought was to have various beads and pendants hanging from the dangling chains....like an asymmetrical, mish mash of colour & texture...a whimsical, mixed-media piece.

As I go along, however, I'm thinking that the minimalist approach may work better.  And it's already looking more symmetrical than asymmetrical, but we will see how it develops.  This is the early stage of the design process and anything can happen before it's completed.  *smile*

Clasp by Melinda Orr

The clasp was made my Melinda Orr.  The vines and leaves were oxidized to bring out the texture and a pewter heart was cold connected.   The finishing touch is a small brass hook.  The two cream flowers were a pair of earrings in a former life.  The large brass coloured flower pendant came from a necklace purchased at a thrift store.  For that matter, so were the earrings found at my local Value Village.

I have no idea what the final piece will look like.  I'm a little too distracted tonight to think about it though.  My Bead Soup package came in the mail today!    I'm going to open it up right now.  I'll post photos tomorrow.

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