Monday, May 27, 2013

Creating a Stress-Free Workspace

Organization is the key to a stress-free workspace. I've known this for some time but still, this past weekend, I found myself searching high and low for a component I 'know' is here...somewhere.

I 'talk' a lot about organizing my workspace but, as we all know, talk is cheap. Note to self: ACTION IS REQUIRED. So, where do you go from here?

1. Get rid of stuff that you will not use or do not need. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Donate all the excess supplies to someone or someplace that will appreciate and use them.

2. Organize what is left, by colour, type, material, etc. Keeping it all in a central location minimizes anxious moments later on. Trust me on this. Having to go from room to room, closet to closet, and drawer to drawer only adds stress to your life. Remember to clearly label all boxes and containers.

3. Work with what you have in the way of storage space if you can. Buying more shelves, cabinets or bins may cut down your usable workspace...even more than it already is. There are situations, of course, when purchasing new storage furniture is the best solution but think twice before buying something that may only add to the chaos.

4. Some of us have great difficulty with letting go of things. When you are overwhelmed by the mess and hesitant to purge, bring in a friend to sort through your supplies with you and help make those tough decisions. They will also motivate you, provide an outsiders' perspective and keep you on track.

Can I do it this time? I hope so because the chaos is taking over and driving me CRAZY!


  1. Great tips for destashing. I find it very frustrating when you spend more time looking for stuff than creating. As I'm new to beading I don't have much material so it's not an common situation but I see the potential...Enjoy the day, Ana

  2. I can so relate to needing to clear out stuff. It multiplies so easily.. why can't rightsizing it be easy?

  3. I read somewhere you can't organize clutter you need to get rid of it. I so need to get rid of it!

  4. What get rid of my pretties?? No way but I am rather organized since I went through the stess of loosing a rather expensive clasp.