Wednesday, February 5, 2014

De-Clutter Project 2014 - Week 6

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When I walked into my kitchen one day this week, I realized that I could no longer see the top of my kitchen table. Other members of my household use it as the depository for any number of things; dirty dishes, mail, empty boxes, and who knows what else! Okay, I admit that I may be partially responsible too. *hanging head in shame*

With such varied working schedules, we rarely sit down for a meal together anymore. The men eat in front of the TV when they get home from work, and I typically bring my meals in front of my computer. It feels like I'm not eating alone that way, it must be the same for them. Or they are just men and that's what men do. *smile*

I usually try to keep on top of it but with being sick for almost two weeks, it kind of got away from me. This is embarrassing but here it is...

So, this is what I did next...

- put clean crock pot in the cupboard where it belongs
- empty egg carton went to the recycling bin
- large baking pan returned to the neighbour it was borrowed from
- bottled water put in the refrigerator
- junk mail shredded, very satisfying activity
- oven broiler pan put in the sink to be washed
- open bag of onions put in the proper place
- empty plastic shopping bags put into 'The Bag Lady'
- two Thermos bottles put into the cupboard
- old Corelle dishes, need to take them to the thrift shop
- empty boxes broken down for recycling
- box of vintage Fire King mugs, choice was to use or donate

I have to put the Corelle dishes into the car tomorrow to take to the thrift store. I decided to use the vintage mugs. They are in the cupboard now. They weren't serving any purpose packed away in a box. It's not perfect, but the table is looking a whole lot better, don't you think? I might pick up a new table cloth this week. One with flowers might be nice.

What area do you intend to tackle this week? What do you think you will find? More importantly, what will you do with it?


  1. Oh dear Bonnie that was a pile and you have shamed me into thinking this week is going to have to be the downstairs cupboard its such a junk space, do we really need the air bed with a puncture......

    1. An air bed with a puncture? Well, unless there is a way to fix it and you intend to do it, I would say that you do NOT need it. *smile*

  2. Bonnie, you did a great job on your table. Wow! What a difference! Those fire king mugs are too cool. Good choice deciding to keep and use them!

    1. It's amazing what a little bit of effort and determination can accomplish, isn't it? The Fire King mugs are like the ones my grandmother had. I will enjoy using them.

  3. There was a table under there!!! Wow. Flat surfaces are famous for collecting stuff eh. I really love that you posted that list of all the little things you did that made a difference. One step at a time, as I've said before. They certainly add up. I'll remember this list when I don't accomplish anything in particular but still feel I've tidied up lots of little messes.

    1. When you only try to tackle one small area at a time, the whole big bad job doesn't overwhelm you. Small accomplishments encourage us to keep at it. Big failures are just discouraging.

  4. My table looks exactly the same as yours did - maybe you could fly over and nag me until mine looks as good as yours!

    1. I know that a job as daunting as that can be intimidating but pick up one thing each time you walk by and put it in it'r proper place. Before you know it, your table will be bare. *smile*