Wednesday, March 26, 2014

De-Clutter Project 2014 - Week 13

Buoyed by my small victory with the clothes closet purge last week, I decided to have another go at it on the weekend. I actually managed to part with a few more items. I was quite pleased with myself.

Another bag of treasures went to the thrift store. I'm sure someone out there will appreciate the sacrifice I made and enjoy wearing the clothes that no longer fit in my wardrobe or my lifestyle (or my body size).

My mother with her grandparents,
in 1940
I have to admit that I really did not get a lot accomplished this week. I kept getting distracted by other things. And now I'm just making excuses and I promised myself that I would not do that.

A second cousin twice removed contacted me on Friday and asked me to scan some old family photographs he knew I had. He's writing up a family history and wants to include as many images as he can get. That did give me a chance to sort through and organize the box of photos a bit. Does that count as work on the de-cluttering project?

My great-grandmother with me (baby on left)
and two cousins in 1956
 I'll do better next week, I promise.

What area do you intend to tackle this week? What do you think you will find? More importantly, what will you do with it?


  1. Well, you managed more than I did this week and, yes, I think sorting through your photos does count as a declutter task :-)
    I love your old photos.

    1. In case you were wondering, my mother's grandmother and my great-grandmother in the photos are one and the same person. She looked old even when my mother was a child. Come to think of it, I guess she was well past middle-age by 1940, having been born in 1873. She would have been in her 80's by the time I was born.

  2. Nice to see someone accomplished this task this week. I had a very busy week, but no uncluttering got done. Sorting out photo counts. Heck, if I even sort out the photos I've taken in the past month, I'd be doing well, and they are all on the computer! Good girl. I promise to do better next week.