Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tablet Weaving Experiment

An experiment is a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact. My most recent weaving project was such an experiment.

I wanted to try out a new design (not original, but new to me) and also to work with three different colours (instead of only two, as I have been using).

The project was a disappointment on several levels. See the photos below of the two sides...

Right side
Wrong side
Let's look at the right side first. I was aiming for a defined alternating diamond pattern, not an alternating wave pattern. The third colour (pink) is showing through on the green too much. I've also decided that I like the narrower edging, using only one card on either side, instead of two. The edges are not clean and tight this way. Perhaps I'm positioning the cards incorrectly?

Now to turn to the wrong side. While it does have the more defined alternating diamond shapes I was looking for, it's the wrong side, and you can clearly see that it is the wrong side. It doesn't matter that the pink is peeking through on this side because it's the wrong side, right? You would not see this side after sewing your trim onto your garment.

My final conclusion...I still have a lot to learn. I've cut my losses and moved onto the next project. Although, as a friend pointed out, it's not really a loss if you learned something. And I did. *smile*


  1. The nice thing is you can take the lessons from this project to your next one and make that one even better!

    1. That is the plan! It's the journey that counts.