Wednesday, May 14, 2014

De-Clutter Project 2014 - Week 20

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Our first vending event of the season is coming up this weekend. It's a three day, medieval themed, camping event, so the last few days have been spent organizing product to sell and packing everything I will need to take. It doesn't seem to matter how many lists of reminders that I write for myself though, I always seem to leave something behind.

Kaleidoscope Gathering, 2013
I've been selling at shows, mostly outdoor venues in the nicer weather, for several years now. Unfortunately, it has not turned out to be the 'money maker' I'd hoped it would be. And with my deteriorating physical condition, it's getting more difficult all the time to manage. The lion share of the heavy work falls onto my partner and I feel bad that I am not able to help much.

After this year, I believe it will be time to re-think the strategy for my company, Jasper Moon. I'm spending way too much time and effort for little or no financial reward. This was supposed to be a viable source of extra income but it hasn't turned out that way. It's gotten to the point where, for the most part, it's not even fun anymore.

Most of the fun events that I want to go to, with the people I'd like to spend time with, conducting interesting workshops and having fabulous concerts are not big money makers. We've traded out those events for ones we hope to make some money at.

This weekend is one of the few fun events we still attend. My partner is teaching beginner and intermediate chain mail classes, and I will be attending some interesting workshops too.

I love these Rubbermaid bins for packing and transporting my stock to and from events. They stack together nicely and the smaller ones are not too heavy for me to carry and move about. I like to feel a little bit useful when I can. *smile*

I also use these bins at home to store a lot of my larger craft tools and supplies. I need to get myself a good label maker to properly mark what each one contains. Labeling them on more than one side, so I can tell from any angle what's inside, seems to make the most sense to me.

A label maker would come in handy for a lot of other organizing purposes too. Can anyone recommend a good one? I'm willing to pay for a better one that will last but I don't want to have to sell my first born to get it. At least not today *smile*

What area do you intend to tackle this week? What do you think you will find? More importantly, what will you do with it?


  1. I'm sorry the shows are not working out...... Hubby and i have thought of selling at shows when we retire as we do a lot of crafty stuff......I think it would be fun and give us something to do with all the things we make. Do you at least make back what you put into it?? That would be the main thing for us.... If its fun and we are not going into debt doing it then do it. But if it has lost its shininess for you maybe you should stop.....Life is too short if your not enjoying yourself...Hugs! deb

    1. Until I come up with a better strategy, I'm going to try staying with events where I'm having fun and If I make a bit of money that will be a bonus. I know there are people out there that make it happen, I just have to find the right formula for me.

  2. It's kinda sucky that the things that are generally the most profitable are not the most fun. I hope you can find some balance Bonnie,