Thursday, May 8, 2014

De-Clutter Project: Week 19

It's getting ridiculous here! I HAVE to find a better way to organize and store my stash/hoard of beads and other components. The means and methods that I'm currently using are NOT working for me. I can never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it and, in truth, I don't even really know what all I have.

There must be a storage system that will work for beads and/or small craft supplies. There has to be, right? Somebody, PLEASE help me find it!

My fear is that such a fabulous storage and organization system will not be cheap. And, unfortunately, the family budget has no room for something that is not inexpensive.

I am open to any creative and economical ways to get this job done. I'm sure that I'd be more likely, and able, to finish a greater number of projects if I was not spending half my time looking for something that I know I have 'somewhere'.

As you can see, I currently have beads stored in a variety of ways with very little 'organization'. They are on shelves, in drawers and closets, boxes and bins...all over the place. I really don't know where to start.

What area do you intend to tackle this week? What do you think you will find? More importantly, what will you do with it?


  1. I just bought a couple of toiletry rolls from the dollar shop (sum total of about five bucks for both) and I'm trialling them for storing packets of beads.
    They can be unrolled and hung up in the wardrobe or on the wall and have big clear pockets so I can see what's inside. They don't seem to hold much though so I'm thinking about making my own from some old clothes. A work in progress.
    I too am in beady chaos at the moment!

  2. I keep mine in stackable bins. It works pretty well for me but they run about $50 per bin.

  3. I have beads stored in a box much like the one you have with the squares in it, but maybe bigger. The bead different beads are sorted into individual little clear plastic boxes, that stack about three deep in each section. I try to sort the various types into their own section of the bigger box. I don't have as many as you do, and I still seem to search for what I'm looking for.

  4. Several boxes much like the green one you have. Try zip lock bags for storing a particular type of bead and each box holds one of a color, using Red,O, Y, G, Blue, P as the sorting color. I also have separate boxes for finding colors (silver, gold, copper, gunmetal/black). That's the easiest way I have given the space I work in.