Friday, January 20, 2017

Heart Art Challenge: Week 3

The inspiration for this weeks' tag came from a picture I found when doing a Google search for heart images. This one immediately sparked my imagination.

I picked up a set of Halloween dies at ScrapFest in September and one of them is a 'spooky' tree. It does not look so 'scary' when punched out of brown card stock instead of black though. And I have a small heart punch from a set that I purchased from Michaels some time ago. Off to a good start.

Next, I went searching for an appropriate quote or poem to put on the tag. I typed 'heart tree' in the Google search bar and surprisingly found just the right quote very quickly. One more hurdle cleared.

The idea was coming together nicely, except I had to decide what kind of background to make. I finally settled on using the plastic wrap technique, with green at the bottom and blue at the top. I enjoyed experimenting with that method a couple of weeks ago and wanted to try it again.

I really intended for there to be less green and more blue but I was overly generous with the paint and this is how it turned out. So, instead of having the tree close to the bottom and the full quote at the top as I'd planned, I had to rearrange in my mind where the elements would be positioned. No problem, I'm adaptable.

I coated the background with Mod Podge and dried it with my heat tool before adding the tree, the hearts and the quote. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, even if it is not 'perfect'. 

Bea Grob: Week 3
Here is a link to Bea's Heart Art Week 3 video along with a photo of the completed card to the left.

 Now, to come up with an idea for Week 4. Where will I go for inspiration this time? Time will tell. But remember, you should always be aware of everything around you, because you never know what small sight, or sound or smell could open the door to creative expression.


  1. Well done! Your absolutely right though about keeping your eyes is all around us.

  2. It did not come together quite how I envisioned it but I am pleased with it anyway.