Friday, March 24, 2017

Heart Art Challenge - Week 10

I'm catching up, I promise. Life tends to get in the way of our crafty ventures sometimes, doesn't it? My intention is to work on Week 11 and 12 over the weekend. We'll see how it goes.

Here is the image that was the trigger for this weeks' design. I certainly have more than enough used postage stamps around here! I acquire them not only from my happy mail but also from work. The accounting department saves them all for me. I've worked there for seven years, so you can imagine how many I've accumulated. I have to find more ways to use them in my art.
Week 10

I kept it pretty simple this week. The hearts were cut out of cardstock and then I glued the postage stamps randomly on them until they were completely covered, trimming away the excess. The tag background was created using my Gelli plate. I inked around both the tag and the hearts to make them stand out. 

To see Bea Grob's Week 10 process video, click here

Bea Grob - Week 10


  1. Its amazing how many techniques there are available now since when I started 8 years ago!!! The only avenue I've had for collecting postage stamps is through my 8 years of trading! Keep up the great work!!