Friday, June 5, 2020

Garden of Love - A Wall Hanging

A couple of years ago, while perusing through all the treasures at a local thrift store, I found this lovely quilted wall hanging. I was quite surprised to find such a marvelously, hand-crafted piece there. And it was only $2.50! Of course, it went straight into my cart and I purchased it along with a few other goodies I found that day.

Upon closer examination when I got home, I saw a hand written dedication. ' Garden of Love, machine created & quilted, by Jean E. Pracuta, 2013, to Cathy, thanks & 💗, from N.H. to Nfld.'

How did this get from New Hampshire or Newfoundland to a thrift store in Ontario? I bet this little wall hanging has a story to tell. Did it ever get to its intended recipient? And if it did, who would let let go of such a heart-felt gift? Did the recipient pass away and it got donated with the rest of the stuff her family did not want? Was there an irreparable rift between the friends, so bad that all reminders of the other were discarded? I will likely never know.

Close up of the pieced heart
I'm so glad that I found it that day, and brought it home. It now hangs on my bedroom wall above my bed. I thoroughly enjoy looking at it each day. A lot of care and effort went into making this and it is now in a place of honour where it is loved and appreciated.

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