Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jewelry Challenge: Leftover Odds & Ends

The Turtle & The Hare

Jewelry Business Success News is running another jewelry challenge.  Will you participate this time?

Your assignment:

Create a piece of jewelry that uses up leftover odds & ends of jewelry supplies or other leftover junque you have around the house.

Along with your photos, please tell a bit about your piece:

-  What's the story behind this design?

-  What leftover odds & ends did you use, and what inspired you to use them?

-  What was your process of creating this piece?

Guidelines for the Jewelry Challenges:

-  These are fun, theme-based design challenges to spark our creativity and inspire us to try new things in jewelry making.

-  There are no judges and no prizes.

-  Each Challenge lasts approximately 4 weeks, from the time the it's announced (today) until the time it closes.

-  The opening and closing of each challenge will be announced in Rena's Jewelry Business Success News newsletter, as well as, on the page that's dedicated to that challenge.

-  All entries must be "family friendly" and non-offensive.

-  Please enter as many pieces as you wish for each Jewelry Challenge, as long as your entries relate to the theme of that challenge.

-  Each entry can include up to 4 photos - so I encourage you shoot enough photos to share 4 unique shots of your entry.

-  Have fun, and be sure to leave comments for each other!

To participate, click here.  To see what the creator wrote about The Turtle & The Hare, click here.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you create for this challange