Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

  - Post to the blog more regularly (so far, so good).

  - Update the website and put together a marketing package so I can promote my products to new age & pagan shops and, hopefully, get some good wholesale customers.

  - Better utilize Etsy, an online market for crafters, adding new items every week.

  - Spend time exploring my spiritual path, whatever that may be, wherever it leads me.  I have a new blog dedicated to the journey, called Jasper's Journey.

  - Organize my house, corner by corner, room by room, and eliminate all the excess stuff that is weighing me down & holding me back.

My aim is to dedicate some time each day (or most days) to all of the above resolutions.  Darn, I think that I may be already falling behind on that goal.  Better get on that right now.

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