Monday, January 2, 2012

Unexpected Finds in Unexpected Places

My partner and I stopped in at a 'surplus' store over the holidays.  You know the kind; dark, dingy places that carry a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.  He needed some components for a 'thing' he's making, don't ask me to explain what it is, 'cause I couldn't.

Anyway, I was browsing up and down the aisles, minding my own business, when I came upon an unexpected find.  To my shock and surprise there was a whole section of Swarovski crystal beads, pendants & flatback gems!  Now admittedly, the selection was not spectacular.  Obviously, these ones had been slow sellers at the big chain stores, otherwise, they would not now be here in front of me.

The prices were incredible too, a screaming good deal!  I picked up a shopping basket and started adding small packages to it.  The cashier asked me in jest if there was any left on the shelf.  LOL  Really, I didn't get that many.  There are still plenty left for others.

I have no clear idea in my head yet what I plan to do with the beads & pendants but I could not pass up such a good deal.  The flatback gems are the perfect size for some of the pewter cloak clasps and pendants I sell.

Proof again that you should always be on the lookout.  Keep your eyes open.  You never know what unexpected treasures you will find in the most unlikely places.


  1. Hey, Bonnie! Love your New Look and your new look! Neat post... just am trying to picture you screaming the deal! But you are so right: there are treasures in the most hidden of places. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    :) The Other Bonnie

  2. Got to love finding a good deal! WTG!!!

    A surplus store would have been the last place I'd have expected to find crystals - say did you find any that work with the new colours?