Saturday, July 27, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 30

'This week focus on capturing the sun.'

My original intent was to capture my cat sleeping in the sun as she always does in front of my living room window. But alas, it was not going to happen this week. Cloudy days, a dead camera battery and the right opportunity did not present itself.

Instead, let me share this fun photo that I found online. The cat looks very similar to mine, and I can imagine her lounging on a deck chair just like this.  LOL

To see all the other sunny photos this week, check out the links below. And imagine me lounging in the sun this week...I'm on vacation!


  1. This is very funny! Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Hilarious photo, Bonnie. I read somewhere that cats can tolerate temperatures to 50ºC (I think that is 122ºF??). No wonder they like to "capture the sun"!

  3. Love this photo!! I can't imagine trying to stage a cat so completely understand the look-alike. ; )