Friday, July 26, 2013

Look What I Found Online This Week

Duct tape can be a lifesaver. If it cannot be repaired with duct tape, all is lost. See 40 Survival Tips for Everyday Living.

One of the most refreshing beverages of all has to be a simple brew called iced tea, or sweet tea. Making your own has never been easier!

We are heading out on a 10 day camping trip early tomorrow morning. I will be offline and out of touch until my return. See you all when I get back! Be safe, be happy!


  1. That duct tape post is instructional as well as humorous, Bonnie... now you have all you need to know for your trip LOL. Have fun!

  2. The duct tape really reminds me of one of my first cars. That thing was held together with duct tape and WD40.

    Have a great vacation!